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The SWANA (Solid Waste Association of North America - Oklahoma Indian Nation Chapter) Conference buzzed with energy, drawing waste management professionals eager for continuing education and insights into industry trends. Dynamic speakers illuminate the latest innovations and best practices, igniting discussions on sustainability, technology, and regulatory updates. Attendees delve into Waste-to-Energy (WEP) training sessions, exploring the forefront of converting waste into valuable resources, all while considering environmental impacts.

One of the highlights is the facility tours, offering a firsthand look at cutting-edge waste management facilities. From state-of-the-art recycling plants to advanced composting facilities, including the 2024 conference tour to Tulsa's award-winning Gathering Place to witness their sustainability practices. Participants gained invaluable insights into operational efficiencies and sustainable waste management practices. These tours not only showcased industry advancements but do provide a platform for networking and knowledge exchange among peers.

Throughout the conference, the emphasis on continuous learning and relationship building fostered a vibrant atmosphere, where professionals from diverse backgrounds united in their commitment to shaping the future of waste management. The SWANA- Oklahoma Conference proves to be an invaluable platform for both seasoned experts and emerging leaders, driving innovation and excellence in the field.

2025 Conference Coming!

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March 25th - 28th at the Hardrock Hotel Tulsa!

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